ONLINELOANNETWORK.COM ("we" or "us"), the operator of this website and its services (collectively, "Service"), is not a lender or creditor, is not a broker, does not make offers for loans, and does not make any credit decisions. Use of our Service and submission of a Service request is not submission of a loan application. We are not a representative or agent of any lender nor are we acting as a credit services agent for you. You must apply for credit directly with the lender with which you choose to apply. We provide a Service that consumers use to connect with a third-party service provider, such as consumer lenders, debt settlement companies, debt consolidation lenders, merchant cash advance companies, title lenders, and other financial service providers ("Service Providers"). We do not endorse or recommend the products or services of any Service Provider. The following disclosures describe how we operate and how we will process your loan request ("lead").

1. We are both a lead generator and a lead aggregator. As an aggregator, we have a network of third-party lead generators from which we buy leads and, as both a lead generator and lead aggregator, a separate network of purchasers to whom we sell leads. Lead generators, including us, operate websites that advertise financial products and services through which consumers submit Service requests. When we aggregate leads, third-party lead generators sell the loan request leads to us, and we sell the loan request leads to lead purchasers. The purchasers are online and offline loan lenders, as well as, in certain instances, data managers, data brokers, and remarketing companies. (Data managers are intermediaries for lenders that outsource their lead-purchasing activities, and data brokers are lead aggregators that have their own networks of lead purchasers to which they sell leads after they purchase them from us.) Submission of a Service request is not an application for credit or a request for a loan pre-qualification; rather it is an inquiry to be connected with a Service Provider. Submission of a Service request also does not guarantee that you will be connected with a lender or be offered a loan.

2. If we connect you with a lender, you will be redirected to the lender's website and you will be able to review the loan terms before accepting the loan agreement. We do not know the loan terms that consumers will be offered by lead purchasers, and we make no attempt to connect consumers with the best loan for their needs. If you receive a loan offer, be advised that the lender you are connected with may not offer you the best loan terms for your financial situation. We do not guarantee that any of the lenders or lead purchasers with whom we share your information will contact you or agree to provide you with a loan.

3. We receive a marketing lead generation fee from lead purchasers. To filter leads to lead purchasers, we use a "ping tree," which sets the order in which lead purchasers have the option to purchase a given lead from us. The position of each purchaser in the ping tree is determined primarily by the price the purchaser is willing to pay for a lead; the higher the price, the better the purchaser's position in the ping tree. You should rely on your own judgement in deciding whether any offered product or service and Service Provider best suits your needs.

4. You acknowledge and agree that, in providing our Services to you, we are not acting as your agent or the agent of any Service Provider. We do not make any decisions regarding the products or services offered by the Service Providers, nor do we recommend or endorse any such products or services. We act solely as a paid marketing lead generator. We do not validate or investigate the licensing and qualifications of Service Providers.

5. Our Service is not available in all states.

6. Some lead purchasers are entities organized by Indian tribes, known as tribal lenders, or organized under the laws of foreign jurisdictions, known as offshore lenders. These lenders typically claim immunity from state regulation, do not comply with the laws of the states where the consumers to whom they make loans are located, and do not concede that they are subject to jurisdiction in a forum convenient to the consumer.

7. Tribal lenders and offshore lenders typically charge higher interest rates than lenders adhering to state laws. Because they charge higher interest rates, these lenders generally are willing to pay more for leads and thus may rank at the top of our ping tree.

8. Many of the tribal lenders among our purchasers offer consumers contracts providing for the application of tribal law to the contracts and providing an exclusive tribal dispute-resolution process.

9. If you are seeking a particular form of credit for which you do not qualify, you may receive solicitations for a different form of credit, a form that you are not seeking. The terms of the credit offered may be inferior to those you were originally seeking. You do not have to accept or respond to these solicitations.

10. By using our Service, you are giving your express consent to receive promotional and advertising materials from us, our network of lenders, and third-party lead purchasers with whom we may share your information. They may also provide information to you about additional services and/or products. You further understand and consent that all communications, whether to assist you in obtaining the loan you requested or for promotional purposes or otherwise, may be through direct mail, e-mail (at the e-mail address you provided) and/or by telephone/mobile device (at the number(s) you provided) regardless of whether your e-mail address and/or numbers may be listed on a corporate, state, or federal Do-Not-Contact registry, suppression list, or the like. To opt out of receiving such marketing materials and/or communications, you may request to be removed by using the relevant opt-out mechanism in such communications or by contacting the third party directly. We are not responsible for any promotional and advertising materials sent to you by the lead purchaser and other marketers and have no control over stopping unwanted communications directed to you from sources beyond our direct control. You will need to contact your lender and/or the sender of the communication directly to remove your name and/or contact information from their list of recipients.

11. By submitting your information to us, you authorize us under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to obtain your full social security number, credit report, and credit score from a credit reporting agency to verify your identity and connect you with a lending partner or Service Provider. In submitting a Service request, you agree to allow us to share your information with lead purchasers and for these parties to verify your information and perform credit checks. As such, you understand and agree that you are also providing written instruction under the FCRA for the Service Provider with whom you are connected to separately obtain your credit report, credit score, and other information from one or more credit reporting agencies in order to verify your identity and evaluate your eligibility for such Service Provider's product or service, whether or not you have specifically selected such Service Provider. You are not obligated to contract with any Service Provider within our network.